Assessment for adults

At the beginning of psychological treatment there is usually an assessment period. During the assessment your concerns are examined and defined closely. During this period it is possible to determine your goals for the treatment and to develop a treatment plan for how they can be reached.

The differentiation of an assessment, psychological counseling and psychotherapy is not always so clear, some parts are overlapping. Usually the same expert conducts both the assessment and the following treatment.


Assessment with first and second opinion

Psychological challenges have complex causes and have to be determined accordingly. Even experts can evaluate the same situation differently.

With evaluating a situation the question of a suitable treatment method comes up. This question is complex as well because there are many different psychological treatment methods.

For these reasons we offer by request, besides traditional initial consultations, detailed assessments with first and second opinion with the „4-eyes principle“.

The initial consultation will take place with Ms. Giesinger and the second consultation will take place with Mr. Ferrari. Afterwards Ms. Giesinger and Mr. Ferrari will discuss the two consultations and develop a suitable treatment suggestion which Ms. Giesinger will present and explain to you in the third session.

By request Ms. Giesinger will summarize the initial consultation so you do not have to tell your story in detail twice.

This „4-eyes principle“ involves two independent professional assessments and the following close cooperation of Ms. Giesinger and Mr. Ferrari. Your situation can be evaluated more thoroughly and creative solutions are facilitated.

The cost for this extensive assessment is all in CHF 600 in which partial reimbursement of the individual sessions through complementary insurance is possible.