Stress, self-doubt, worries about the future – oftentimes it is no problem to overcome psychological challenges and stressful life phases. But sometimes these problems are not so easily fixed. Maybe you would like to change something but you don’t know how and nothing you tried was working. If the support of family and close friends is not enough or there ist nobody that can support you, talking to a professional can be helpful. A qualified psychologist can help you figure out what you need in your current life situation.

Together we will work on finding new ways to deal with your challenging situation and how you can handle it better. In this process your resources are activated and that will help you to have more possibilities to act. In addition to that we will explore what the root causes of your problems are which will help you find new insights and self-confidence and you will be able to cope better with everyday life, have more well-being, contentment and strength.

The differentiation of psychological counseling and psychotherapy is not always so clear, some parts are overlapping. In psychological counseling there are usually specific goals we work on. It is usually shorter in duration than psychotherapy. Depending on the client’s needs it can vary between one or several sessions.

Possible reasons for counseling

  • General life problems, life questions (family, relationships, career)
  • Life goals and finding your purpose, live your potential more fully
  • Feeling lost, difficulty making decisions
  • Feelings of hopelessness, being stuck
  • Experiencing loss (separation, divorce, death)
  • Problems in the work place (mobbing, saying no etc.)
  • Problems with concentration and performance
  • Problems concerning physical or mental disability
  • Struggling with getting older and problems that arise in old age
  • Questions concerning relationships and/or sexuality
  • Questions concerning parenthood and the role of the parent(s)
  • Unwanted childlessness


Overview of our counseling offers
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