A relationship is an artwork, molded by many shared experiences. Crisis and conflict are part of every vital relationship. But sometimes the problems get the upper hand and there are less constructive discussions and more fights or the partners are slowly and quietly growing apart.

Couples counseling can offer a safe space to talk about the relationship in troubled times. It can help to think about the challenging life situation and understand better where both partners are coming from. Wishes and needs and the competence of both partners are discussed. A new approach to cope with your challenges is developed together. An open and compassionate interaction with each other and crisis that you went through as a couple can strengthen and deepen the relationship.

Depending on the needs of the couple, couples counseling can vary between one and several sessions. With longer processes the transition to couples’ therapy is possible. Both methods are overlapping in many aspects.

Possible reasons for couples counseling

  • General relationship problems and questions
  • Discontent with the relationship
  • Challenging fights and communication problems
  • Challenging situations of change and reorientation (children leaving the nest, professional changes etc.)
  • Critical life events (death, accidents etc.)
  • Wish to deepen the quality of the relationship
  • Finding a desicion to stay together or seperate
  • Finding a decision to live together or stay living together
  • You are working well together as parents but not as a romantic couple
  • Unwanted childlessness
  • Sexual problems (low libido, dissatisfaction, performance anxiety, addiction to pornography)
  • Sexual or emotional infidelity, adultery
  • Questions concerning unconventional relationship forms (e.g. open relationship, ménage à trois etc.)
  • Mental or physical illness of one or both partners


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