Every romantic relationship is unique and brings with it specific challenges. In the course of a relationship conflicts, feelings of alienation and personal crisis can surface. Often this can lead to discontent. Sometimes these are feelings that only one of the partners has and the other one is surprised to be confronted with them.

Couples therapy helps to understand the current relationship situation, to think everything through and find new ways to look at it. Communication is deepened and an open and compassionate interaction is aspired. The more deep a relationship is the more vulnerable you become but this is also a chance for the relationship and the love to become even deeper, stronger and more alive.

Couples therapy and couples counselling are overlapping in many aspects.

Possible reasons for couples therapy

  • Discontent in the relationship
  • Communication problems
  • Challenging fights and conflicts
  • Psychological, physical and sexual violence
  • Separation anxiety
  • Feelings of growing apart, feelings of alienation
  • Challenging situations of change and reorientation (children leaving the nest, professional changes etc.)
  • Different moral and role concepts
  • Feelings of being controlled
  • Sexual problems, problems with physical closeness and intimacy
  • Sexual or emotional infidelity, adultery
  • Jealousy
  • Old wounds
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Mental illness of one or both partners (e.g. depression, burn-out, addiction)
  • Physical illness of one or both partners


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