Every family is unique and multifaceted. Sometimes a family is started by a couple and sometimes love or circumstances bring people together to build a family (e.g. patchwork family, rainbow family). In any case all individuals shape the family life with their own life story, personality and attitude.

Acute stress or longterm patterns can be very challenging for the family life. Reduced well-being in everyday life can be the result. In family therapy the underlying reasons are explored. A new understanding can help develop new ways to live and grow together as a family.


Possible reasons for family therapy

  • A lot of conflicts and fights
  • Communication problems
  • Chronic discontent
  • Different understandig of how to sharing responsibilities and chores, differing role concepts
  • Upbringing of the children
  • Transition and adaption  to new life situations (birth of a child or children leaving the nest)
  • Separation and divorce
  • Illness or death of a family member
  • Mental illness of a family member

In family therapy it is possible to have family sessions with all the members of the family, couples sessions or sessions with the children.


Overview of our psychotherapy offers: 
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