Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are overlapping in many aspects. In psychoanalysis the process is often more intensive, more thorough and the effects are usually more sustainable in the long run.

Of great significance in psychoanalysis is the exploration of the unconscious. Instead of pursuing a specific goal in psychoanalysis the search process goes in all the different directions. The unconscious causes of certain feelings and behaviors are explored step by step. After a while it will be possible to identify and remove blockages and limitations of your ability to develop. This process allows you to unfold your mental and physical potential. The effects of this intense work are for example increased well-being, more inner freedom, strengthening of competency in relationships and the ability to be able to make decisions intentionally.


Overview of our psychotherapy offers: 
Psychotherapy for adults - Talk therapy, body orientedPsychoanalysis - Psychotherapy for children and adolescents - Couples therapy - Family therapy