Our team consists of qualified psychologists with a recognized University degree in psychology and psychopathology and advanced or completed further training in psychotherapy. The main focus lies in psychodynamic/psychoanalytical methods but we also work with other psychotherapeutic methods.

Dr. phil. Nicola Ferrari maintains the practice. Ms. lic. phil. Maria Giesinger  and Ms Linda Franklin, Psychologist M.Sc. as delegated psychologists, Mrs. Dipl.-Psych. Sandra Groenewold as a delegated psychologist and play therapist, Ms Susanne Heitz, Dipl. Psychologist FH, Mr. Dipl.-Psych. Oliver Rayki and Mrs. Dipl.-Psych. Christine Stellfeld complement the growing team. Francesco Terrana (I) MD also works as a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy both in the adult and in the child and youth sector. Ms. Melanie Miescher is in charge of administration and she is the first contact person for new clients.

Presence of the counseling/psychotherapeutic team

Nicola Ferrari: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Maria Giesinger: Tuesday and Wednesday 

Linda Franklin: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Sandra Groenewold: Monday, Thursday and Friday

Susanne Heitz: Monday, Thursday and Friday

Oliver Rayki: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Christine Stellfeld: Monday and Thursday

Dr. med. (I) Francesco Terrana: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdary, Friday and Saturday

Availability secretary’s office

Reachable by phone and e-mail during office hours.