lic. phil. Maria Giesinger


Master of Science in Psychology
Federally approved psychotherapist


Person-centered and experiential psychotherapy – body-oriented



Memberships and ethical terms of reference

Swiss social-professional organization of applied psychology (SBAP)


Delegated psychotherapy, psychological counseling

Person-centered professional attitude by Carl R. Rogers, focusing by Eugene Gendlin, body-oriented psychotherapy, mindfulness-based techniques, recovery- and resource-oriented focus.

Professional experience

since 2019

Delegated psychologist, practice for psychotherapy, Dr. phil. Nicola Ferrari, Wetzikon

since 2018

Advanced Practitioner in Aura- and Energy Healing, self-employed, Zurich

2018 ­­– 2019

Delegated psychologist, practice Dr. med. Jeffrey Mc Cutchan, Lucerne

2017 – 2018

Delegated psychologist, Psychiater Luzern AG, practice Dr. med. Sabine Abele, Lucerne

2016 – 2017

Assistent psychologist, Psychiatry Basel-Land, daytime hospital, Liestal


Research assistent, Zurich college for applied sciences (ZHAW), department of applied psychology, Zurich, research project, supported education

2013 – 2014

Psychologist in the department of recovery, Swiss foundation Pro Mente Sana, Zürich

2012 – 2015

Massage therapist, self-employed, Praxisgemeinschaft 46, Zurich

2012 – 2013

Nursing assistent, Sanatorium Kilchberg, private clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy


Psychology intern, daytime hospital, ambulatorium east, psychiatric university hospital, Zurich


Psychology intern, Swiss foundation Pro Mente Sana, Zurich


Nursing intern, psychiatric hospital, Herisau

Education and further training

Since 2016

Further training in psychotherapy, GFK-Institute Zurich, person-centered and experiential psychotherapy - body-oriented

2016 – 2018

Training in Aura- and Energy Healing, Center and Institute for Energy Work, Andrea Janina Staeger, Zurich

2005 – 2013

Master of science in Psychology, University of Zurich

Major: Social- and health psychology

1st minor: Psychopathology and clinical intervention

2nd minor: Social- and preventive medicine

2011 – 2012

Training in Esalen Massage, The Center, Zurich